Baby Born With Teeth Superstition – Myths and Facts You Should Know

baby born with teeth superstition

There are many superstitions in the world about babies born with teeth. Do these superstitions have any reality in them, or are they just people’s beliefs? We cannot give a satisfactory answer. However, this article will help you understand the science behind babies born with teeth superstition. Rest is up to you to believe in […]

What to do if Baby Tooth is Knocked Loose?

baby tooth knocked loose

We all have been through a time when we had to face an unexpected tooth injury. Tooth wounds are a hapless reality for children who are too young for mishaps. It can often be an apparent injury that heals as quickly as the other injured parts of fast-growing children. Mostly, dentists use to say that […]

Baby Grinding Teeth: Reasons, Myths, and Remedies

You may be pretty much annoyed every time you hear your baby grinding teeth. And trust we, we het you there! But before plugging in some ear buds, you may want to ponder into this article as we talk about baby grinding teeth. And what’s all the commotion about! What is Teeth Grinding? Watching your […]

A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Teething Babies and Infants

Essential Oils for Teething Babies and Infants

The process of teething is a distressing one for both the baby and the parents. The regular tantrums completely throw off the home’s environment and are also worrisome for the parents. Doctors have not come up with a way to completely eliminate the pain as of yet. However, there are some steps that can be […]

White Spots On Toddler’s Teeth – What Causes Them & How To Prevent?

white spots on toddler's teeth

Your baby is definitely the apple of your eye. And their smile is surely meant to lighten up your world. Being their first and best caretaker, you will always do anything to make sure that smile shines the brightest. In keeping their smile perfect, you may come across white spots on toddler’s teeth. These white […]