Prayer For A Healthy Pregnancy


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Dealing with things that are not in our hands is difficult and stressful at times. Most of the people on this planet believe that they don’t really need control over things because there are certain powers that will make things easier for them only if they pray. Prayer is not something limited to any specific religion, it is a universal thing and everyone does it in one way or the other.

Getting pregnant and having a baby is as much of a spiritual experience as it is emotional and physical. The miracle of life is fascinating to hear about but going through it yourself is the next level of spiritual enlightenment.  When you are going through this life-changing journey, attracting positive forces of the universe is important as it soothes you and makes the process easier and bearable. With us, you will not only know the physical challenges of being pregnant but also know the spiritual methods that can help you soothe your anxiety throughout the process.

Why is it beneficial to pray during pregnancy?

Do you know what is the one thing that most women complain about during pregnancy? It’s not the pain of responsibility, it is the stress. There are many ways that people use to deal with it, some like meditation, some like music but most people like to turn to the god that they believe in.

Prayer soothes you and gives you the ability to deal with your situation strongly. Apart from having religious significance, prayer is also considered as a type of meditation. It relaxes your brain and makes the whole process of conception and pregnancy healthy and bearable.

How to gather the positive energy of the universe?

The idea of prayer is universal for a reason; our universe is full of energies that we are unable to understand. When we try to calm down and try to attract positive energy towards ourselves, it works wonders. This is easy to understand if we can grasp the idea that you attract whatever you expect from the universe. If you are looking for positive and happy energy, you will find it. On the contrary, if you are expecting negativity, you are likely to face it.

The biggest problem is that our hormones and pregnancy stress make us think bad and negative which can be problematic unless you try to calm yourself down. To make this blog helpful for everyone belonging to any religion, we have compiled a list of spiritual prayers that can be altered according to your religious practices and methods.

Prayer for a healthy conception

Oh, Lord! You are the creator of heavens and earth. Surely, you have power over everything. You made me a woman and blessed me with a womb and gave me the potential to carry out the miracle of birth. Indeed this miracle cannot happen without your will so I ask you for your mercy and your blessing. Bless me with the gift of life. Bless me with a child that will change my life and make my connection with you stronger than ever. I am helpless and I cannot do it without your help, bless me with the miracle of life and give me power and energy to go through this process with comfort, ease, and happiness.

Prayer for baby’s healthy growth

Dear God! You have blessed me with this baby that is growing inside me. I would not be able to conceive if it were not your will. I pray to you to give my child the best of health and help it grow normally. Oh, Lord! Please prevent my child from getting any illness or physical abnormality. Give it strength and power. Shower your blessings on my baby and bless it with a long happy and healthy life. I pray to you to protect my child from any physical and mental harm from this day till the end of its days. Give me the power and energy to carry a healthy child in my womb.

Prayer for baby’s intelligence

Dear lord! You are the creator of this universe, you have made everything from scratch and you have power over everything living and dead. You have all the treasure of wisdom and intelligence with you. I pray to you that you bestow upon my child, a part of your wisdom. Make him intelligent and profound. Allow him to see beyond the obvious and help him in making the right decisions throughout his life.

Prayer for having a pious child

My dear God! You have created the heaven and earth for us; you gave us all the senses and gave us the ability to think. Give us the ability to understand your power and mercy. I pray that my child turns out to be a pious person who obeys your orders and pleases you through his existence. I wish for him to be your loyal servant who has a strong belief in you and every action of his is influenced by your pleasure. Bless him with the intellect to follow your path and spend his life according to the ways you have asked of men.

Prayer for having a beautiful child

Dear lord! You created this earth and the universe and everything beautiful that is present between the heavens and the earth. You have control over beauty and attraction. I pray that my child is blessed with the best of your gifts. I pray that my child makes everyone’s eyes glow as they look at him. Make him beautiful just like all your other beautiful creations. Indeed everything you make is worth a while but you are the one who has divided men in ranks, give my child the best of the ranks amongst your men!

Prayer to soothe the pain of pregnancy

Dear Lord, we are weak of your men, we feel pain and pleasure as you will. Please shower your blessings and mercy on me when I am carrying out my divine purpose. Protect me and my child from the pain that we can’t bear. Make the process easier for both of us. Oh Lord, I pray for your mercy and beg you to protect me from the misery and pain of childbirth. I believe in you and I look upon you to take care of me throughout this journey.

Final Word

Prayer is just a way for human beings to connect with their creator and no matter what their core belief system is; their sole duty is to spend their life the way their creator asked them to. This is how they can attract the positive energy of the universe. Once you pray using these words with faith in your heart, everything positive will be laid down in your feet before you know it!

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