Can Babies Have Honey? Dos and Don’ts: All you need to know

When can I introduce honey to my baby?

You don’t have to be Pooh bear to love honey! While honey is a natural sweetener and a quick fix for your sweet tooth. You may be wondering when can babies have honey? While grabbing your honey pot as we delve into the sweetness of honey. And learn when to let your toddler have this […]

When do babies start sitting? Facts you should know

When should I train my baby to sit

As parents, we become super excited when our baby is born. He/she changes the perspective of our world. A baby develops most of his primary skills in the first year. Many questions arise in our minds as a parent, such as when do babies start sitting, crawling, or walking. We will try to ease your […]

Signs of Jaundice in Newborn! Everything you need to know

While holding your newborn, all of a sudden, a yellowish tinge of the skin (one of Signs of Jaundice in a Newborn) of your newborn has shocked you. This is called jaundice and happens in 50 to 60 percent of newborns during the first week. Here is all the information you need to know about […]

Baby Grinding Teeth: Reasons, Myths, and Remedies

You may be pretty much annoyed every time you hear your baby grinding teeth. And trust we, we het you there! But before plugging in some ear buds, you may want to ponder into this article as we talk about baby grinding teeth. And what’s all the commotion about! What is Teeth Grinding? Watching your […]

Is Your Newborn Not Pooping But Passing Gas? What Should You Do?

newborn not pooping but passing gas

What is a normal pooping routine for a newborn? You are probably pooping once daily and considering that your newborn baby should do the same. Well, if he does, it’s ideal. But it is not the case most of the time.   The pooping routine in babies is highly variable and depends on the feed […]

Baby Poop Smells Like Vinegar – Why Does It Happen?

babies poop smells like vinegar

You change your baby’s diaper one day and notice a strange acidic odor, like vinegar or sour cream! Apart from that horrible smell putting you off, you immediately wonder if your baby is okay? Hold tight as we provide you insight into changes in babies’ poop, what these changes signify, and what is causing that […]

Why Do Babies Shake Their Heads? Is It Normal?

baby shakes head side to side

First-time parents usually get worried when their child starts doing something unusual. During the first twelve months of their life, babies reach various developmental milestones. Most parents who are unfamiliar with these early changes related to reflexes and motor skills become anxious. Headbanging or head shaking is common in growing babies. These jerky movements show […]

Shingles Around Babies – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Shingles around babies

Much similar to chickenpox, shingles is a viral infection that can be a cause of great distress. Before we delve into the subject of shingles around babies, let us explain what exactly the condition is. Shingles, also termed as herpes and herpes zoster is caused by the virus known as the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). This […]

Pink Noise for Babies: an Effective Sleep Inducer?       

Pink Noise for Babies

Newborn babies often have trouble sleeping and adopt an irregular sleeping pattern. This not only creates problems for them but for their parents too. Readjustment of one’s schedule to align with their baby’s circadian rhythm can be a hassle. Moreover, babies themselves usually do not get enough sleep and end up being irritable. It takes […]

A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Teething Babies and Infants

Essential Oils for Teething Babies and Infants

The process of teething is a distressing one for both the baby and the parents. The regular tantrums completely throw off the home’s environment and are also worrisome for the parents. Doctors have not come up with a way to completely eliminate the pain as of yet. However, there are some steps that can be […]