Can’t Decide on Primary School for Your Child? What Should You Do?

cant decide on primary school

Worried about your child’s schooling, aren’t you? Don’t panic. Almost every parent has to face this frustrating situation where they can’t decide on a primary school for their child. As you know, children spend a substantial time of their day at school. Schooling plays a significant role in the development of your child’s personality. Most […]

What To Teach a 5 Year Old? Useful Tips and Tricks

what to teach a 5 year old kid

Has your child just turned five? Do you often find yourself fretting about your child’s development? Are you worried about what to teach a 5-year-old? Are there pieces of conflicting advice pouring in from everywhere but you don’t know what to do? Parenting is not a piece of cake but we’ll try to make it […]

How To Save Your Child From a Bad Home Environment?

The most important element in the parenting of a child is an ideal home environment, where your child can nourish and flourish. Children’s home or the place they grow up in have drastic effects on their mental health as well as their outlook on life in the years to come. A bad  home environment, hence, [...]

How Is A Child Affected Mentally If He Has Parents Fighting All The Time?

parents fighting all the timeDo you have a tough married life? Does your partner argue a lot with you? Do you wish to raise your child in a peaceful environment but are having trouble at it? Let’s see how parental conflicts harm your child’s mental health and what you can do about it when a child has parents fighting [...]

Why Ignoring Emotional Needs Of A Child Can Be Traumatic?

Ignoring the emotional needs of a child can be traumaticAre you an adult who is new to parenting? Or is it your first encounter with the weird behavior of a child? Well, you might have felt that the emotional needs of that child might have been ignored. Either way, you are on the right path. This observation will let you discover the importance of [...]

Authoritative Parenting Style: Is It Beneficial In The Modern Age?

Parenting styles

Remember the time when our parents used to punish us and we started hating them at that time but some adults would say, “Once you grow up you’ll realize what they are doing is actually good for you.” We never understood it back then, but now when we are having our own kids, it is […]

How To Be A Good Mom – A General Guideline

how to be a good mom

Childbirth is one of the most wonderful miracles in life. Looking at your parents you always wondered how did they manage to handle someone like you. I am sure the thought of how to be a good mom and how to raise your first child has kept you up during your pregnancy. And now that […]