Top 10 Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Will Sort Your Confusion Out!


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Top homemade pregnancy tests

Don’t want to or can’t get pregnancy kits for pharmacy? If so, then these top homemade pregnancy tests can really help you out if you’re going through the fear of having an unplanned pregnancy. Fear of the unknown can be disastrous and that is exactly why we suggest getting right ahead of it and knowing if you’re going to have a baby.

Some women, it is hard for them to go out to pharmacies and buy pregnancy kits. It can be even more difficult if you do not want anyone to know that you might be pregnant this soon. So, in such scenarios, homemade pregnancy tests work great.

The methods that we have suggested below are tested and proven by various people. If you try them out, it is highly likely that you will get reliable results.

But, before we move ahead with the methods here are a few guidelines that can help you out.

The first sign of pregnancy and a few guidelines!

Before you test yourself for being pregnant, you need to see if you have experienced the very first sign of pregnancy and that is a missed period!

Have you missed your menstrual cycle this month? If so, there is a great chance that you might be pregnant but in order to confirm it, you will have to take the homemade pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

Common guidelines

  1. Your test will be more accurate if you use fresh urine, preferably the first urine in the morning. It contains the largest amount of the hormone hCG that will interact with the chemicals in various tests that we have suggested.
  2. Do not save morning urine so you can test it later. Test it as soon as you have passed urine for accurate results.
  3. Never use metal containers because there is a great chance that the metal will interact with the containers and mess with the results. Instead, always use clean plastic containers.
  4. Always take precautions when you’re testing with hard chemicals such as bleach, Pine sole, Drain O. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask or cloth to keep yourself safe from any hard reactions.

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These are the top 10 homemade pregnancy tests that will help you out

Following are the top 10 homemade pregnancy tests that are going to help you out. Remember, follow the above-mentioned guidelines to get accurate results.

Test with the toothpaste

The toothpaste test is by far the most convenient homemade pregnancy test for most of the women. It will require you to put clear white toothpaste in a clean container.

Now add one or two drops of your urine to the container. If the toothpaste changes color, your test is positive and you are pregnant.

The bleach pregnancy test

The bleach pregnancy test can also be known as the most reliable pregnancy test.

For this, you will have to add your urine in the container and then add a teaspoon of bleach to it. Mix it consistently so there are no lumps.

If the urine starts to fizz and foam, you’re pregnant but if it doesn’t, you are not.

You need to make sure that you don’t remain too close to the bleach powder so that it doesn’t harm you.

Sugar pregnancy test

We talked about the most reliable pregnancy test, now let’s talk about the easiest. This test was also commonly used where there weren’t any pregnancy kits available.

You need to take one tablespoon of sugar and urine. Mix them together in a clean container. What you need to do is notice how sugar reacts to the urine. If it starts to foam, you’re pregnant and if it dissolves, you are not.

Test with vinegar

This is another one of homemade pregnancy tests that you can use.

Take a small amount of white vinegar in a plastic container and add a teaspoon of urine into it. You may notice some bubbles forming while you mix it. Wait for some time and see if the urine changes color. If it does then that means you are pregnant.

The soap pregnancy test

You must have noticed that all the products that we have so far talked about can be found commonly in your homes.

The next pregnancy test also requires you to use one of those and that is soap. Hold soap in your hand and pour urine on it. If it forms bubbles, you are pregnant and if there is no reaction, then you are not.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

It is easy to test with baking soda. All you have to do is take two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl, add the collected urine and if it forms bubbles, you are pregnant.

Pine-sol pregnancy test

This is by far the most accurate homemade pregnancy test and also the most popular one.

What you need to do is take a small amount of pine sol in a cup. Add the collected urine, mix it well, and wait for some time while it dissolves. If the mixture changes color, you are pregnant.

Tylenol pregnancy test

Use the white branded Tylenol for this purpose.

Crush two Tylenol and put them in a clear glass jar. Pour peroxide over it so the powder turns fizzy. Now add a teaspoon of urine and notice the change, if the solution turns blue, you are pregnant.

Mustard powder pregnancy test

This is one tricky homemade pregnancy test but is highly accurate. Mustard powder is known as period inducer and if you have missed your period, this test can tell you why.

What you need to do is add a ¾ cup of mustard powder in a bathtub filled with warm water. You need to soak yourself in the water now so that the mustard works on you.

Once you are done, take a shower and now wait for 2 to 3 days. If you get your period, then you are not pregnant.

Wine pregnancy test

It is another reliable pregnancy test that can help you out.

Take half a cup of wine and half a cup of urine. Mix both of them together. It will take about 10 minutes for the reaction to take place. If the color changes then you are pregnant.

So, these are the top 10 homemade pregnancy tests that will help you out. For any queries, do let us know through your feedback in the comments below.

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