Pregnancy Test With Salt – Is It Reliable?

pregnancy test with salt

At-home pregnancy test options, including a pregnancy test with salt, are widely popular on the internet. Yet, there is no supporting medical research that salt-based home pregnancy tests work. You want to know how a pregnancy test with salt would work, but why would you need this homemade test? Pregnancy is indeed the best experience […]

Dollar Pregnancy Tests – Are They Reliable?


Have you missed your period? Have you been trying to conceive and anxiously waiting for the “good news”? Or did you have unprotected sex accidentally and fear you might be pregnant? Finding out if you are pregnant can be a life-changing event, and you do not want to get it wrong. Whether you are hoping […]

How soon after unprotected sex can I test for pregnancy?

how soon after unprotected sex can i test for pregnancy

Taking a pregnancy test can be vexing, especially if you are new to it. Women want to know if they are pregnant as soon as they suspect it. That’s why you should know how much time you should wait to get an accurate result. To help you avoid stressing yourself unnecessarily, we have put together […]

Clear Blue Pregnancy Test – What Is It And How To Perform?

Clear blue pregnancy test

Most of the females think it is even harder to confirm pregnancy than getting pregnant. However, a clear blue pregnancy test is the answer to those females. It provides the easiest testing experience and clear blue pregnancy test results are more than 99% accurate. Comfortable design and simple testing techniques have made this test popular […]

First Signal Pregnancy Test – What Is It And How To Perform?

First Signal Pregnancy Test

When you are trying to conceive a baby your body gives signs pointing out that you are pregnant. These could be in the form of symptoms or tests. The first signal pregnancy test is the earliest test which accurately points out that you are having a baby or not. It utilizes the levels of hCG […]

Is Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Reliable? Step By Step Guide

toothpaste pregnancy test

Toothpaste pregnancy test is one of the quickest homemade pregnancy tests as it can be carried out easily at home by women whenever they want. It is an easy way to find out if you are expecting or not. Many women who avoid getting a pregnancy test by kit use the homemade toothpaste test to […]

Top 10 Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Will Sort Your Confusion Out!

Top homemade pregnancy tests

Don’t want to or can’t get pregnancy kits for pharmacy? If so, then these top homemade pregnancy tests can really help you out if you’re going through the fear of having an unplanned pregnancy. Fear of the unknown can be disastrous and that is exactly why we suggest getting right ahead of it and knowing […]

Sugar Pregnancy Test – All You Need To Know

sugar pregnancy test

Homemade pregnancy tests are done to check for the presence of pregnancy hormones in the urine. As the woman releases this hormone most when she is pregnant, the concentration of the HCG is higher in the urine of a pregnant woman. There are many homemade pregnancy tests including pregnancy test with toothpaste, salt, baking soda, […]

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test – How To Perform?

baking soda pregnancy test

So! You just missed your periods and are curious to know whether you are pregnant or not, the baking soda pregnancy test is the answer for you. There are many women out there who do not have access to the pregnancy test kits because of a number of reasons including the fact that they could […]