Pregnancy Symptoms Week 8 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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pregnancy symptoms week 8

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms week 8 then you are almost wrapping up two months of your conception. Only seven months to go. At week 8 of your pregnancy, your baby is growing briskly in all directions, one millimeter per day, and you can feel the movement of your baby. There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside your belly.

Everything seems great so far and you must be curious about what happens now? The feeling of mom-to-be cannot be expressed in words. Your little one can also use your uterus as a swimming pool now. That’s because amniotic fluid increases about 30 milliliters every week.

Your body has gone through nominal changes by now. Your cravings and aversions for food must have increased and your fatigue may have amplified too. So, there is a lot to talk about pregnancy symptoms week 8.

What is your baby size at week 8?

At week 8 of your pregnancy, your baby is growing at an amazing rate. Your baby is weighing about 1/8 ounce and one inch long. Though growth occurs at about one millimeter per day, not just height increases but also the arms and legs have grown longer, fingers and toes also begun to form. In fact, your baby has graduated from blueberry-sized to raspberry-sized.

You can feel the heartbeat of your little one inside your belly, at about 150 to 170 times per minute, more than double of your heartbeat. You can also feel his or her movement.

8 weeks pregnancy bump

If you are in your 8th week of pregnancy and still no visible bump, although your womb is already double than its normal size! During pregnancy symptoms week 8, showing a bit is normal, but not showing at all is disturbing for some women. Keep in mind, every woman has a different journey during conception. It takes more time for some women to show it outside.

If you are pregnant with twins in week 8, then the case will be different. It will be easier to observe that you are pregnant. After the first trimester, your doctor will begin to measure the size of your belly, but in week 8, it really does not matter.

In the first trimester, healthy weight gain is almost one to two pounds each week. So, if you have gained 3 to 6 pounds in 8 weeks of your conception, it is good for your health and for your little one. But if you have gone through a lot of food aversion and morning sickness, not gained even a single pound, it is okay too.

Is it necessary to have an ultrasound at week 8 of your pregnancy?

It is a first prenatal visit for most of the women, if you do then you may get to catch a glimpse of your 8 weeks fetus on an ultrasound. Aww!! You might be amazed to see the arms and legs of your little one moving inside your belly. You may have not felt it yet, but it is real.

Some couples are curious to know whether their little one is a boy or a girl. So, that they can narrow down the names list or decorate his or her room. But it is too early to find sex at week 8. At this stage, the toes and fingers of your baby are slightly webbed, and you will be amused to know that taste buds of your baby are forming now, gearing up for the first meal.

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What do you need to know about pregnancy symptoms week 8 ultrasound?

At your first prenatal visit during pregnancy symptoms week 8, the doctor will have your blood and urine samples for different tests. Your doctor really wants to let you know if you need any kind of medical attention, your blood and RH type. If you have a positive RH type and your baby has RH negative, you will need medication to prevent complications during conception.

Your hormonal levels also checked to make sure they are normal. Tests for HIV and Hepatitis B are also conducted. By your urine sample, your glucose and protein levels can also be monitored. You may have these tests at every prenatal visit.

Pregnancy transformation at week 8

Your body has gone through a lot of changes at week 8, physically and mentally. Your hormonal levels increase, you may have a superhuman sense of smell, fatigue, food cravings, aversions, and many more.

Breasts soreness

You may feel your breasts bigger, heavier, and sore. The reason behind this feeling is, milk-producing lobules in your breasts are starting to expand, thus bigger and heavier. Because they are preparing for breastfeeding.

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Morning sickness

Some women pass through strong nausea during week 8, it is related to change in hormonal levels. If you are from those 75 percent of women who experience morning sickness, you know it very well, it starts from early morning but can linger all day and all night.


As your body is doing so much hard work during these initial developmental phases of your baby, you are really getting tired. Having more sleep can be a better option.

Superhuman sense of smell

Your sense of smell also heightened in pregnancy symptoms week 8. Any offensive odor, although that is totally innocuous, could trigger nausea. So, try to avoid these smells, you have become sensitive to.

Mild cramps

Mild cramps come and go at week 8 of your pregnancy. It is normal as ligaments in your abdomen are stretching because your uterus expands. If cramping is severe, let your doctor know about it.

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Constipation during pregnancy happens with almost 50 percent of women. To deal with it, moderate your liquid intake and eat vegetables.

Uncanny dreams

You may have creepy and vivid dreams these days but calm down, they are normal throughout conception. It is not clear what is the reason behind it, maybe due to a lot of stress and anxiety, you have on your mind.


If spotting includes in your pregnancy symptoms week 8, it is alarming. It can be a sign of miscarriage. But it may happen due to sex as your cervix may be more sensitive during pregnancy.

It also includes:

  • Bloating stomach
  • Food cravings and aversions
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Excess saliva
  • Headache

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Precautions during pregnancy symptoms week 8

  • Handle your headache by consulting your doctor.
  • Start doing squats, it will provide strength to thighs during labor.
  • Use sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50 when outside, it prevents dark spots on face and skin such as freckles, dark lines on the neck. (Learn About The Dangers Of Skin Bleaching During Pregnancy)
  • Healthy weight gain is necessary during each trimester.
  • Eat healthy food which you can stomach.

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Checklist- pregnancy symptoms week 8

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