Pregnancy Symptoms Week 10 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy Symptoms week 10

Most of the people suggest that the first trimester is the hardest. You must have gone through the early symptoms of pregnancy like a wonder woman. Kudos! Now we are talking about pregnancy symptoms week 10 and if you are here, congratulations!

You’re almost through it and we are here to tell you all about the pregnancy symptoms week 10. One of the most important things to know about the 10th week of pregnancy is that you are about to show.

If you have been waiting for your baby bump to show up, it is about to and we would suggest that it is time to go shopping. Ladies do not really know about the 10 weeks pregnant belly usually but since you are educating yourself for what’s to come? We would suggest that you take your wallet out and go get yourself some loose clothes.

Soon you won’t be fitting into any of your previous clothing so it always better to be proactive about what’s coming. This would also mean that you could get your very first maternity gown, isn’t that exciting?

But, moving on, pregnancy isn’t just about clothes and food and all the other exciting things. It is more about your baby and how he is growing. So, let’s bring our focus on to that as well and more of the pregnancy symptoms for week 10 you need to know about.

Baby at ten weeks of pregnancy

During the 10th week of pregnancy, your baby is as big as a strawberry. The 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound is going to show you a little blip inside of you that will measure about 1.2inches long and the weight would generally be 0.4ounces.

The best part is, now your baby’s growth will double in the coming three weeks. You will see more growth in the coming 4-5 weeks that you haven’t seen in the last 10 weeks. Your baby is doing just fine and is counting on your calories a day.

You have completed 2 months and 2 weeks of your pregnancy and within 2 more weeks, your first trimester will be over and so will be all the morning sickness you had been feeling for the past 2 months.

Pregnancy Symptoms At 10 Weeks

Wondering what to expect at 10 weeks of pregnancy? As your baby continues to grow, your muscles and ligaments are starting to grow inside of your 10 weeks pregnant belly. You will observe that your breasts have grown bigger and some other radical changes have also taken place.

So, we made a list of some of the most common symptoms at 10 weeks of pregnancy:

Round Ligament Pain

This is one of the most common symptoms that women usually feel in the 10th week of pregnancy. You should not be surprised if you begin to feel pain in your abdomen because it is stretching to accommodate your growing baby.

While some moms-to-be do not really notice these pains some do feel a lot of pressure or ache in their abdomens that are known as round ligament pain. It is very painful for those who experience it and if you are having twins, the pain will be a lot more noticeable.

If the pain intensifies, you should let your OB doctor know about it so he/she can guide you further or if you are worried about your 10 weeks pregnant symptoms.

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Morning sickness

This is something you must have gotten used to it by now but let us tell you, nausea and vomiting grow more in the 10th week of pregnancy.

But there is good news as well. The morning sickness is soon to be over with as soon as you hit your 2nd trimester.

Growing breasts

Your breasts have started to prep for breastfeeding for a week now. By week 10 of pregnancy, they must have gotten bigger. You might want to consider wearing softer and more comfy bras.


The fatigue is one symptom that continues until the end of the first trimester. That is mainly because your body is working hard to accommodate a growing baby and is going through constant changes.

Along with that, you must also be sleep deprived because of weird dreams and other symptoms that continue to show up. You could consider buying a new mattress that comforts your pregnancy belly.

Mood swings

You will also be feeling a roller coaster of emotions. This is mainly because of all the hormonal changes you have been going through and these mood swings are probably going to be there for a while.

Visible veins

Another common symptom at 10 weeks of pregnancy is veins showing up blatantly on your entire body. Especially arms and stomach. But this is a good sign. These blue veins depict the excessive amount of blood they are delivering to your baby.

Increased vaginal discharge

An increased blood flow to your vagina coupled with an increase in estrogen production could cause more of a clear, odorless discharge called leucorrhea.

It might seem a bit gross but it is nature’s way of getting rid of bacteria so there is nothing for you to worry about. But in case, it is colored, has blood, comes in a foul odor or causes discomfort, call your doctor and let them know about it as soon as possible.

So, these are all the symptoms that you are most likely to experience as your first trimester comes to an end.

10 weeks pregnant belly and ultrasound

Your 10 weeks pregnant belly has probably just started to show. It is because your little baby continues to grow. Many doctors recommend gaining about 3-6 pounds during the first trimester for an average BMI.

This means you are on track if you find yourself with a bit of a curve.

As for the 10 weeks pregnancy ultrasound, you will see that your baby has grown arm joints and cartilage and bones are forming. Your baby’s vital organs have completely developed and are now starting to function.

Hair and fingernails have started to appear too and soon your baby will start to learn how to kick, isn’t that amazing?

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So, this is everything you need to know about 10 weeks of pregnancy. We hope you have everything you need however if you do have any queries, feel free to contact us in the comments below.

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