Pregnancy Symptoms Week 17 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Week 17 - Week by week pregnancy

You have entered the 5th month of your pregnancy. You are almost there! Doesn’t that feel great? Pregnancy symptoms week 17 come with this relieving feeling of nearly reaching the intermission of this magical pregnancy experience! While some of the symptoms are the same that you have already experienced, a few may be new and surprising for you. That is why we are here; to keep you informed and well equipped with the information you need!

Entering the 5th month of your pregnancy is unique in the sense that while you have been in your second trimester for a month now, your 5th month or 17th week comes with its own set of crucial milestones for your growing baby.

Baby at 17 weeks of pregnancy

Baby at 17 weeks is the size of a pear now. Sounds cute. Your baby is growing faster than you know. He or she is developing body parts and reflexes so that he or she may be able to feast when he or she arrives. Your baby has started moving around too, using the small arms and legs. You may not be able to feel those movements yet. Do not worry, being able to feel baby movements is not necessarily included in pregnancy symptoms week 17!

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Pregnancy symptoms week 17: What to keep in mind?

Seventeen weeks old fetus does bring new symptoms as small surprises, but most of them are the old ones that you have already experienced. Here is an overview of some of the original signs that may come by.


If you did not get an ultrasound in week 16, you must get it by week 17. 17 weeks pregnant ultrasound may answer many of your queries, including the sex of your baby. Heartbeat and body movements along with vital organ formation, need to be assessed by this stage of pregnancy. 17 weeks pregnant belly must at all cost go under a sonogram probe!

Increasing Appetite

Your baby is a big boy or girl now! As the baby gets hungrier, you get hungrier. You might experience a raging appetite, which is entirely healthy. Enjoy this phase as much as you can. You are allowed to eat whatever your tummy demands. Just keep doing the 30 minutes exercise to compensate for it. Also, keep trying to munch on healthy snacks like dry fruits and salads.

Stretch Marks

With the growing belly and the ever-increasing breasts come the stretch marks. 17 weeks pregnant bump might not be visible, but the stretch marks surely can be seen. They may be upsetting for you. Pregnancy takes a toll on your body. But with all the hardships comes the reward of a tiny, beautiful baby. So do not worry, these stretch marks will go away. They are the marks of a warrior. Love them!

Clogged sinuses during 17 weeks of pregnancy

Starting in the 16th week, pregnancy symptoms week 17 come with an increase in the intensity of nasal blockade. Congestion leads to snoring at night, which might be annoying for you and your partner. Use a breathing humidifier or steam inhalation before going to bed to fight this particular demon. Using a portable inhaler during the day will give you clearer sinuses at night.

Worsening headache

If the headaches that you have experienced before worsen with week 17, it is time to go to your OB/GYN. Increased blood pressure can lead to severe headaches and can also cause dizziness and black spots around the eyes. Increased blood pressure can damage your kidneys and liver. So, this must be checked timely, and a record of the headaches and blood pressure should be kept safe in a notebook.

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They sound so disturbing and gross, but they are a reality. As much real as your baby is! The best treatment is prevention in the first place. To avoid the gross piles, prevent constipation. Take fiber-containing foods and laxatives if constipation develops. Keep an active lifestyle. Walk around and do light exercise daily.

Pain in the Abdomen

Stomach pain is yet another of the pregnancy symptoms week 17. If the stomach pains have not improved by now or if you feel that the intensity has increased, do consult your doctor for a proper checkup. Keep taking fruits and fresh juices for a smooth digestive system.


Pregnancy symptoms week 17 come with itching on skin. It is an entirely normal response of your body to the ebb and flow of hormones in your blood. Some hormones can cause an itchy and irritative skin in some women. Instead of scratching yourself out, put a soothing lotion on the itchy spots. Prickly heat powder three times a day can also be helpful.


Backaches and cramping will worsen at week 17 if you still have not stopped sleeping on your back. It is about time that you get yourself comfortable and soft pillows. There are many pillows customized for use in pregnancy. They can be easily bought through online stores and will also be home delivered. If you are not a fan of online shopping, give the nearest target store a visit and purchase large comfortable pillows for your back!

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Planning your child-birth

We do not mean to overwhelm or rush you in any way. But week 17 is the time when you should start planning your child-birth. Decide if you wish to have a home birth or you want your baby to be born in a hospital. Start doing your home-work for nearby hospitals and the time that will be taken to reach them. Look for competent doulas if you want a home-birth. Ask your friends about their experience regarding both home birth and hospital.

Precautions during 17  weeks of pregnancy

  • Get your sonogram done and keep it safe in a file
  • Keep an eye for any discharges from your vagina
  • Adopt a healthy, fiber-rich diet to prevent hemorrhoids
  • Do not let the stretch marks depress you
  • In case of worsening headaches, contact your doctor
  • Start doing your research for nearby hospitals and competent doulas.

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