Pregnancy Symptoms Week 15 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 15 - week by week pregnancy

What you really expect if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms week 15? Less than 30 minutes until lunch and you even cannot wait that long. You are feeling so hungry all the time. You are maybe feeling highly energetic, which may mean high libido too.

If you are feeling sexy, that is okay. While having sex this week, no need to freak out. Remind your partner that the baby has no idea what is going on. If your doctor has not given you any activity restrictions, sex will not harm your baby.

At pregnancy symptoms week 15, you are finally looking pregnant because now your belly growing quickly each week. Now you are 4 months pregnant, only 5 months left. We know you have a lot of questions related to your pregnancy but do not worry, everything will be fine.

Baby at 15 weeks pregnancy

At 15 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as an apple and weighs about two and a half ounces. As far as height concerned, your baby is 4 inches long now. So, you are probably thinking about what keeps your baby busy all day? Mostly, baby at 15 weeks is in rehearsals, practicing and getting ready for that big debut.

Your 15 weeks old fetus is working on breathing, sucking, and swallowing so when he or she will leave your comfy womb, he or she will have the necessary skills to survive. The sense of hearing is developing now, the baby is might be able to hear your voice. She or he might also start to sense bright light outside of your belly.

15 weeks pregnant ultrasound

You might not be able to feel it yet, but an ultrasound this week would reveal that he or she is moving all joints and limbs now. The baby may be even hiccupping inside your 15 weeks pregnant belly. For your satisfaction, you can choose multiple screening tests, you will have blood drawn between week 15 and week 20.

These tests will measure levels of specific proteins and hormones in your blood so that doctors can give you a more accurate assessment of the risks of neural tube defects. Amniocentesis is another optional test, by this test you may come to know about neural tube defects, chromosomal abnormalities, and other genetic disorders.

All these tests and results can be stressful, in between all this, find some time for yourself. Be prepared for ups and downs in your journey. Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

15 weeks pregnant bump

Your body is making a big transition now. During the first trimester, your uterus fits accurately into your pelvis. But now in the second trimester, it is stretching to accommodate your growing fetus inside your belly. Every pregnant woman has a different journey and the rate of growth can be varied. That is why when pregnancy symptoms week 15 occur, it is completely normal to not show much or have an obvious baby bump.

Showing at 15 weeks first pregnancy could take a little longer as compared to the second pregnancy because the uterus has already been stretched. So, you might have a little earlier visible bump in repeat pregnancies.

15 weeks pregnant what to expect?

•    15 weeks pregnant cramping

Once you get pregnant, the uterus will begin to grow. As it begins to expand, you will feel mild to moderate cramping, that is normal. It happens for a short period of time. In the first and second trimester, you may feel cramping every now and then.

The reasons behind cramping can be uterus growth, exercise, urinary tract infection, sex, constipation, gas or bloating, and ectopic pregnancy.

•    Heartburn and indigestion

In pregnancy symptoms week 15, you may feel hungry all the time. This will lead you to eat a large amount of food in one sitting that can cause heartburn and indigestion.

•    Faintness and dizziness

As your body doing so much hard work day and night to grow your baby. You may pass through faintness and dizziness. The best solution is to sleep more and do not worry about upcoming events.

•    15 weeks pregnant headache

Headache during pregnancy is common. You can treat it by taking acetaminophen, sit in a dark room, or put a cool compress on your forehead. However, if you develop a severe headache, speak with your doctor. There can be numerous causes behind headache including high blood pressure, fatigue, hormones, and stress.

•    Stomach pain 15 weeks pregnant

Stomach pain can be very stressful for a pregnant woman as it can be a sign of miscarriage or placental abruption. It is important to listen to your instincts and contact your doctor if you feel anything wrong. It is best to get things checked out.

Pregnancy transformation during pregnancy symptoms week 15

Experiencing pregnancy symptoms week 15 for the first time can be exciting and daunting. Your body will go through a lot of transformations, both mentally and physically.

Gain in weight

Recommended weight gain during the 15th week is 1 to 2 pounds so, add 300 extra calories per day in your diet. Try to eat healthy food. If you feel sudden weight gain, notify your doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a serious pregnancy condition known as preeclampsia.

Swollen gums

Your gums are more sensitive now so, take good care of your teeth. See your dentist for regular checkups.


We know that nosebleed is not a likable symptom in pregnancy, but it happens due to an increased blood volume in your body and sensitive nasal passage.

Precautions during 15th week of pregnancy

  • Ask about the preeclampsia to your health care provider.
  • Learn about the baby’s fundal height, it reflects your baby size.
  • Eat frequent but short meals during your pregnancy.
  • Change your wardrobe and buy some comfy clothes.
  • Confirm the gender of your baby.
  • Consult your doctor if you feel anything wrong.
  • Spend more time with your partner for a better understanding.

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Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 15

  • Pamper yourself as much as you can.
  • Schedule your Amino test.
  • Keep an eye on our website for more amazing content about the upcoming weeks of pregnancy.

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