Pregnancy Symptoms Week 20 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 20

This is a huge milestone because you have hit the big old 20 digits. Mark this week on your pregnancy calendar with stars and hearts! Before learning about pregnancy symptoms week 20, let us celebrate this fact! Pregnancy transformation week by week can be overwhelming. The only way to keep your calm is by keeping yourself up to date with new symptoms that come with each week and pray for your healthy pregnancy.

Baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy surprises his or her mommy with a set of new symptoms. Your baby is like a tiny human being now. Imagine a banana with tiny arms, tiny legs, and a wobbly head! How cute is that!

Pregnancy symptoms week 20: What to expect?

You are more than halfway through your 2nd trimester. The irritating and obnoxious first trimester has been a roller coaster of a ride, we understand that. The second trimester has been more relaxed and less happening, we are sure. But as you approach the third trimester, more exciting events await you.

20 weeks pregnant ultrasound

By now, if you wanted, you must have known the gender of the baby. If not, time to drop by the sonologist’s office! Prenatal ultrasound is necessary for a 20 weeks pregnant belly. 20 weeks pregnant bump is adorable enough to be showed off to all your friends and family. But it is also essential to get it analyzed by a doctor.

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Pregnancy symptoms week 20: The checklist


Discharge at week 20 can be heavier than ever before. But do not worry, your vagina is just trying to protect you and your baby from all the outer attacks by bacteria. Only use an absorbent pad or panty to protect your pants. Also, keep an eye on any change in the color, consistency, or smell of the discharge. Foul-smelling or bloody discharge must be informed to your OB/GYN.

Fluctuating levels of libido

As the third-trimester approaches, you will find yourself less interested in an intimate moment or two. Maybe you do not feel gorgeous or pretty, but do not put yourself down. You are still lovely and breathtaking! The reason for this fluctuating libido is the changing levels of hormones in your body. Your body is preparing to nourish your baby in the best way possible.

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Swelling during 20th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms week 20 include the worst of all pregnancy symptoms: body swelling! The pictures of swollen feet that you have seen on the internet are going to be your reality too! But here is the catch, if Jessica Simpsons can bear through this horrific phase, so can you! The swollen belly and the swollen ankles will go away soon!

For now, what you can do is try to keep walking for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Wear comfortable shoes. And try to keep pillows under your feet while you sleep.

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Difficulty in breathing

As your baby grows into a big boy or girl, the size of your womb increases as well to make room. This pushes your lungs upwards. This pressure on your chest can cause difficulty in breathing. You might need to catch your breath once or twice while you walk or climb the stairs. This is normal! But to be on the safe side, keep a record of how many steps you can walk or flights of stairs you can climb comfortably. If that number decreases or you feel chest tightness, contact your doctor immediately!

Heartburn during 20th week of pregnancy

Just as your baby puts pressure on your chest, he or she also puts pressure on your stomach. 20 weeks pregnant stomach pain can be the worst of it all. The heartburn can make you feel restless, not being able to rest or walk or eat or do anything. But there are remedies to fight this.

The most important one is regular exercise! All of the pregnancy symptoms week 20 can be fought with a daily physical activity! Having a routine of walking or physical activity will help avoid this situation altogether. You can also take over the counter anti-acid medications. But drinking soothing milk with honey is a far better solution.


20 weeks pregnant cramping not only involves your lower belly but can also go down up to your legs. You must be used to the belly cramps by now. The legs cramps, however, can be upsetting as they come as an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. The increasing size of your belly and your hormones can put your legs in spasm.

We have a one-word solution for you: Massage! Massage your legs and feet daily with essential oils. If you do not want to do it yourself, ask your partner or a helping lady to massage you. You can also drop by a salon. Massaging the legs and feet will help you get rid of the cramps. A good and thorough massage will also reduce the swelling in your feet. A win-win situation!


The end of week 20 will bring with itself a rising pressure of choosing baby names, especially if you know the gender of the baby. What you need to understand is, this decision is entirely yours. And it does not have to be stressful. You do not have to decide anything right away. You still have plenty of time. Just start brainstorming for baby names as a way to connect your baby. Talk to your partner. Make a fun night out of it!

Baby’s room

It is also time to start thinking about the baby’s room. Deciding whether the baby will sleep in your room for a while or will have a separate one is entirely your call. Brainstorm. If you choose to decorate a baby room, start planning now. Lookup for ideas on the internet and pour in your creativity. Preparing a place for the baby can be a fun and healthy activity.

Precautions during 20th week of pregnancy

  • Keep an eye on your vaginal discharge
  • Track the amount of work it takes to produce difficulty in your breathing
  • Get a prenatal ultrasound done
  • Do not sleep on your back
  • Keep an active lifestyle. Do not give up on physical activity at this point.

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