21 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 21

In 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms, what you can really expect are sudden changes in the body like you could fit a dime inside of the belly button. You may have started waddling when you are alone. So much fun right!

Feeling too much pressure! Have you announced the gender or found the perfect name for your baby? If you have not found a name yet then check out cool, beautiful names on the internet. It is observed that parents-to-be either come up with the baby’s name quickly and easily or keep on thinking until birth.

At this stage of pregnancy, you are not just choosing a name, a lot of other things need your attention. For example, you need to do more hard work on getting your home ready, things like baby bouncers, and changing table pads but try not to stress about it at 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

Many women have described their journey of childbirth as being associated with a spiritual uplifting. For these women, childbirth is a moment of joy saved in their memory forever. These women turn to it and are thought to seek again a delighted feeling which passed too soon.

Baby at 21 weeks pregnancy

Baby is big enough to compare with the size of a carrot, 10.5 inches long and weighs about 12.7 ounces. You are probably feeling his or her fetal movement more and more lately. And here is a little surprise, if you eat a strawberry this week, there is a good chance your baby will taste it too. Taste buds are developing!

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, the baby swallows a small quantity of amniotic fluid each day. This is not only because of nutritional needs but also to practice swallowing and digestion. Researchers have shown that babies who were exposed to certain tastes in utero through an amniotic fluid will prefer those same tastes after birth.

21 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Are you thinking about what is going on inside your belly? You will get a glimpse of your cute little baby on pregnancy ultrasound this week. You will be amazed to see the awesome details like the brain hemisphere and chambers of the heart. Let your doctor know whether you want to disclose the baby’s gender.

But finding out about the baby’s gender is exciting. But you can ask your doctor about gender and plan a gender reveal party, where you can share this amazing news while surrounded by family and friends. And keep brainstorming about the names and baby’s room decoration. Aww! This is so fun.

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21 weeks pregnant belly

You may look into the mirror and wonder, what is happening to my belly? By the time you get in 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms, you may have gained 13 to 14 pounds. But wait, you may have gained 21 pounds if you are pregnant with twins.

Your body may have developed new curves and you might be feeling super confident and sexy. After all, you are the main attraction of every event. But if you are thinking about your extra weight as fat then let us clear, that is not fat, you are pregnant.

Remind yourself, you must gain this weight because it is good for you and for your baby. It all serves for the important purpose, keeping your baby healthy and alive.

Let us tell you about one magical feeling that you can experience now, gently press your palm on your belly, you might feel a little push back. So amazing!

Showing at 21 weeks first pregnancy

Everyone goes through this journey differently and everyone’s baby is always in a specific position inside your belly. Some women do not show until 25 weeks, but as we told you it entirely depends upon your body respond and baby’s position.

With the passing time, you will grow 21 weeks pregnant bump as your uterus stretch. But it takes a longer time to stretch if you are pregnant with your first baby. You will have a visible bump if you are pregnant with twins or pregnant with your second child.

21 weeks pregnant – what to expect?

Braxton Hicks contractions

Sometimes you might feel tightening of the uterus as it practices for labor. This is normal if the contractions go away when you change the positions. Speak with your doctor if these contractions do not stop.

Heartburn and indigestion

Avoid all spicy and oily foods but if the source of discomfort is still a mystery then a food diary could help you to solve this problem.

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21 weeks pregnant headache

Headache is very common in 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms caused by hormonal changes. Occasional headache can be a sign of serious problems like preeclampsia, in which dangerous high blood pressure put mummy and baby in jeopardy.

Increased appetite

Are you feeling hungry all the time? Try to eat healthy food but in small proportions. Eat frequent meals instead of large meals in one sitting.

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21 weeks pregnant cramping

We know cramps are really hard to bear in the body, especially in your leg. But do not worry, it is a common complaint from mothers in the second trimester. You may observe these cramps mostly occur at night. Try to follow a healthy routine, do some exercise, drink plenty of water, or have a warm shower to avoid these cramps.

Stomach pain 21 weeks pregnant

Mild stomach pain may be experienced during the second trimester as your womb expanding and the ligaments stretching as your bump grows. Call your doctor if you have any concerns.

Pregnancy transformations during 21 weeks of pregnancy

Leaky breasts

Your milky ducts are now fully developed by the end of the second trimester in case of the early arrival of your child.

Stretch marks

Your skin gets thinner with the passing time as your baby grows. This is due to sudden weight gain but there is no way to get rid of it. After childbirth, it might fade away. It is more common in pregnancy with twins.

Dirty and itchy skin during 21st week of pregnancy

As your bump grows, your skin is stretching which is irritating. Keep using moisturizing lotion prescribed by your doctor.

Other transformations include:

  • Fast-growing nails
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bloating and gas
  • Fetal movement

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Precautions during the 21st week of pregnancy

  • Use vitamin B regularly.
  • Follow a balanced diet.
  • Choose low impact exercises.
  • Healthy weight gain is necessary so, keep an eye on your diet plan.
  • Add at least 300 extra calories in your diet.
  • Walk 30 minutes a day.

Checklist – 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms

  • Plan your glucose challenge test
  • Think about your baby shower
  • Be specific while selecting baby names
  • Get a footrest
  • Make sure your baby’s registry is done
  • Most importantly, pamper yourself as much as you can

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