Pregnancy Symptoms Week 37 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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pregnancy symptoms week 37

Somewhere in this world, after every ten seconds, there is a pregnant woman giving birth to a child. Let us congratulate you on this big victory, now you are officially 37 weeks pregnant. You have been preparing yourself for pregnancy all these months, and now you are finally about to deliver. Feeling nesting? Well, it is common during pregnancy symptoms week 37.

It is instinctual; you are preparing for your baby’s arrival both mentally and physically. You may find yourself scrubbing floors or organizing baby’s nursery. This urge to clean things around yourself is called nesting, and you do that because you strongly feel that your baby is arriving very soon.

What else you can expect at 37 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable all the time and thinking about your baby. It is hard to track your months in conception as you are focusing on weekly symptoms.

Baby at 37 weeks pregnancy

Baby is practicing for his or her big entrance; blinking, turning sides, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. Your pregnancy is coming towards an end but your little one is still growing, plumping up every day. If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms week 37, your baby is still in early term not full term until week 39.

Baby at 37 weeks has shed most of the lanugo, extra hair on his or her body. Your little one can also grasp on small objects such as nose or toe. Let us tell you an interesting fact, the baby is sucking his or her thumb a lot in the last weeks of pregnancy, preparing for breastfeeding. Isn’t cute?

37 weeks old fetus

Baby is the size of a canary melon in pregnancy symptoms week 37. The average weight is 6.3 pounds with 19.1 inches in height. Baby is gaining half ounce every week now. Baby is in a head-down position, getting ready for labor.


You probably have a prenatal appointment every week now, but 37 weeks pregnant ultrasound is also important as it is a part of your biophysical profile. It makes sure that your baby is doing fine inside your uterus.

If you are expecting twins then your doctor might discuss C-section or induction, it is entirely depending upon your medical history and baby’s health. It can happen in week 38, just one week left to meet your baby, Yah!

Some pregnant women are so impatient waiting for baby, remind yourself it will happen any time now. Just a few days more. If you are feeling antsy, find something else to divert your attention.

37 weeks pregnant belly

This week, the cervix probably has started to dilute as well as your seal may also disappear which protects your uterus from infection. This seal is also known as a mucous plug, it can be notice hours, days, and even weeks before labor. It is the right time to call your doctor and ask for further recommendations.

37 weeks pregnant belly pictures

Pregnancy symptoms week 37 belly picture

Showing at 37 weeks first pregnancy

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s head should move down in your pelvis, this position is known as engaged. If you are pregnant with your first baby it will happen anytime now, otherwise, the baby will not move until labor.

When it happens, you may notice your 37 weeks pregnant bump is a bit small as compared to before engaged.

Sex at pregnancy symptoms week 37

Sex is safe at any stage of pregnancy if you are taking proper instructions from your doctor. You may feel contractions after orgasm, but it will be fine after a few minutes.

37 weeks pregnant what to expect


As you are getting closer to your delivery day, the baby is putting a lot of pressure on your digestive system which is the main reason for heartburn.


A bit of spotting is expected in pregnancy symptoms week 37 as your cervix is more sensitive now. So, sex can irritate it and cause bleeding. Call your doctor if it is more than spotting, it could be a sign of placental abruption.

37 weeks pregnant cramping

Leg cramps are common throughout your pregnancy. It can make your nights miserable, try to drink plenty of water. Contractions or cramps are also a part of pregnancy symptoms week 37, after all, you are going to have a baby very soon now.

Temporary contractions, Braxton hicks’ contractions can be treated by changing positions. But do not ignore progressive contractions, notify your doctor as soon as possible.

Abdominal pain

If the baby has dropped down into the pelvis, you may feel lower stomach pain at 37 weeks pregnant and a strong urge to pee.

37 weeks pregnant headache

Many pregnant women get a headache due to stress, fatigue, sinus issues, and trouble sleeping. The elevated hormones can also be the reason. Use a cold compress, stay in dark, and rest as much as you can.

Pregnancy transformation

Stretch marks

Don’t be scared about stretch marks, they will turn into silvery lines and then fade away up to maximum extent after the childbirth.

Breast change

You may have noticed a change in breast size, preparing for breastfeeding. If you feel some soreness in your breasts, don’t worry; it is just another part and parcel of pregnancy.

Pregnancy brain

It is not unexpected for you to walk around in a fog as you have a lot of things going on in your mind. Try to stick notes on your desk for all the important things.

Bloody show

Owing to the rupturing of blood vessels in your cervix, getting ready for labor, a pinkish mucus discharge can occur.


It is not uncommon in the last weeks of pregnancy. It can often indicate that labor is imminent. Whoa!

Labor signs in pregnancy symptoms week 37

  • Mucus plug
  • Bloody show
  • Water breaking
  • Nausea
  • Regular contractions
  • Back pain

Precautions during 37th week of pregnancy

  • Slow weight gain is healthy during the last month of conception.
  • Get an exercise ball.
  • Consider a perineal massage.
  • Make the right choices in meals.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take care of yourself.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 37

  • Finalize your baby’s nursery.
  • Buy a waterproof sheet.
  • Start stocking diapers.
  • Schedule your next prenatal appointment.
  • Plan your last maternity shoot.
  • Sign up on our website to know more interesting facts related to the upcoming days of pregnancy.

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