What to Give One-Year-Old for Cough? Home-Remedies or Medicines?


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What to Give One-Year-Old for Cough

Colds and coughs are pretty frequent in toddlers, and many cough medicines are not suitable for them. Hence you may want to know what to give a one-year-old for cough. OTC medicines aren’t always ideal for children of this age, raising the question ‘What cough medicine can you give a 1 year old?’.

Several home remedies can treat the common cough in toddlers. Since cough-relieving medicines for adults are dangerous for toddlers and even life-threatening. Here are a few treatments to help you out!

Types of coughs

It’s preferred to identify the type of your toddler’s cough. Coughs in children this age can be broadly classified as:

Cough due to congestion in airways

This type of cough sounds deep and comes from the chest. It’s usually due to mucus congestion in the airways.

Cough due to throat infection

This type of cough sounds tight and comes from the upper side of the throat. It is usually due to a sore throat and infection. It causes swelling around the larynx.

Cough due to post-nasal drip

This type of cough is mild. It happens from the post-nasal drip at the back of your child.

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The necessity of home remedies

According to the American Journal of Family Physicians, about 1,519 toddlers were treated in the U.S. emergency departments for adverse events related to cough and cold medication.

Apart from the adverse effects, there is no proof OTC medication for adults has any efficiency on toddlers. It should also be noted that 90% of the cough in toddlers is caused by viruses; Antibiotics aren’t even remotely practical.

Antihistamines may not improve the cold-related symptoms in toddlers either, making it vital to answer the question, ‘How can I ease my 1 year olds cough?

Let’s explore some of the best home remedies for baby cough and chest congestion.

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Honey – A natural soother

Honey contains many essential minerals and compounds such as B vitamins, ascorbic acid, and trace minerals. It also contains many important antioxidants. It has antibacterial properties too and is believed to be one of the best toddler cough remedies.

Honey can soothe the throat and help a lot with the cough. It thins congestion and reduces the symptoms and frequency of coughs. In fact, Honey is said to work better than an antihistamine.

To relieve the cough symptoms in your one-year-old toddler, you can give them a spoonful of honey. Although it is important to note that children under the age of one year should not be given honey, as it can cause infant botulism.

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Dry air further aggravates the symptoms of cough and cold too. If the air in your house is dry, use a humidifier. It prevents nasal cavities and the throat from drying up.

Humidity makes it easier to cough up congestion. Keeping a humidifier in your baby’s room, or sitting with them in the bathroom with a hot tap of water on, can help with your baby’s cough.

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Warm liquids

Another answer to ‘What can I do for my baby’s cough?’ is to give them warm liquids. Hydration is necessary when it comes to coughing.

Remember to give a lot of fluids to your child as it can thin up the body’s secretions. But remember to not give your child soda or citrus drinks such as orange juices. They can worsen a sore throat.

A one-year-old requires one serving of water per day, equivalent to 8 oz. or 230 ml.

Milk, apple juice, and warm soups can help too.

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Saline nasal drops

This is another answer to ‘what to give a one-year-old for cough.’ Nasal drops are generally considered to be safe. You can buy these at pharmacies.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. It’s better to give drops to your toddler before bed or in the middle of the night when she wakes up.

You can use a nasal syringe to help thin down the mucus in your child’s nasal cavity.

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Cold air

Exposing your toddler to cold air for 10-15 minutes can help relieve the symptoms too. If you are about to take your toddler outside for that, remember to cover them up nicely, so they don’t catch a cold or worsen it.

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Coughs in toddlers are common and okay!

While getting to know the answer to the question ‘what to give a one-year-old for cough?’, you should know that if your child has a mild cough and is still playing and active, it is totally normal, and you should not worry. It usually goes away on its own. Only treat them if the symptoms are bringing quite some discomfort. Remember that some home remedies for cough in toddlers can be very effective.

When to see the doctor?

You need to get your baby seen by a doctor if they have Asthma or show the following signs:

  • Cough lasting for more than a week
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Blood in cough
  • Weakness
  • Tugging on ears
  • Muscles pulling in around the rib cage during breathing
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Night sweat
  • Cough without feeding

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The draw out

Cough in toddlers is a common cold symptom and will go away with time. The mild home remedies mentioned above can help relieve the symptoms. Remember to go to a doctor if things seem to be getting out of hand.

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