Can You Have Cravings At 4 Weeks Pregnant? Is It Normal?


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can you have cravings at 4 weeks pregnant

Can you have cravings at 4 weeks pregnant? This is a common question among newly expecting mums. Pregnancy is a weird time, with reference to your food preferences, of course! It may have you craving for all sorts of food that you may never have eaten normally. Or it can cause you to have aversions to even your most favorite snacks.

But before panicking, we suggest you relax, grab your favorite snack and dig in as we satisfy you and your cravings with the info you need!

What are Food Cravings and Aversions?

Ever felt the urge to eat everything edible in your fridge? Yes, as this is often the answer, we all are guilty of having!

Food cravings are the intense urges or desires you have to eat a particular food. So, what causes these cravings to appear in the first place?

Often these urges mean your body is asking you for a particular component or nutrient. So, if your blood sugar is low or you feel your energy is depleted you would rush to grab something sweet. Preferably carbs as they provide instant energy.

The opposite of this situation is food aversion. Which means you tend to avoid certain foods. Mostly because they make you sick or you despise the taste or texture.

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Pregnancy and Food Cravings

So, by now you know what food cravings are. And what causes them too. But what is the link between pregnancy and craving for certain foods?

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. And apart from the evident changes that you can see, your hormone levels also move up and down.

The high levels of certain hormones in pregnancy can alter your sense of taste and smell. Hence, some foods might entice you. And others may trigger nausea and vomiting.

As we saw above, the desire for a certain food may mean you’re running low on a specific nutrient. Hence when you feel like eating a bag of crisps, that may be a sign that your body needs more sodium.

The fun fact here is, you may be craving for the weirdest food combinations when pregnant. So, you may wake up one-day craving a strawberry cheesecake. Lots and lots of cheesecake. But then you will find yourself devouring that cheesecake with pickles and flaming hot Cheetos! An unsightly combination for most people, but for you, that meal may mean the world.

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Can You Have Cravings At 4 Weeks Pregnant?

After getting some insight about these unquenchable urges, you may wonder when do these cravings actually start. Cravings in pregnancy are the strongest during the second trimester, however, they may appear at any time during pregnancy. Often, they may appear even before a woman knows that there is a bun in her oven!

So, can you have cravings at 4 weeks pregnant? The answer is- Yes you can! At 4 weeks of pregnancy, you may not even know that you are expecting. And maybe these cravings are the first clue to you being a mommy after 9 months!

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Other Events At 4 Weeks Pregnancy

Four weeks is a really early time in the journey of motherhood. And frankly speaking, a lot of mums to be may not even know the surprise that awaits! Can you have cravings at 4 weeks of pregnancy? Absolutely. You may even have food aversions at this point.

The most notable change you come across at 4 weeks is a missed period. Other changes at this time include tender or sore breasts, frequent urination, nausea and vomiting, and maybe, a slight increase in weight.

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Good Cravings and Bad Cravings?

Cravings are a crazy part of pregnancy. You may be hoarding on French fries with a double Big Mac and tubs of Ben and Jerry ice cream at one point. And the very next moment, you may be wanting pickles with smores and tacos, or corn dogs with cookie dough or brownie mix!

When it comes to cravings on a daily basis, you may not have that many concerns. Except for having to go to the kitchen every hour! But with pregnancy, you are always a bit on the edge because the health of your baby matters here too.

So, what are healthy cravings and what are bad cravings? An odd combination of a strawberry peach smoothie with guacamole or yogurt and a pack of Doritos may definitely seem weird. But there is no bad ingredient to be worried about.

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Bad Cravings

On the other hand, cravings are not only limited to pickles, peaches, and Cheetos puffs. You may develop a condition known as pica. Pica is a condition in which you develop unhealthy, and often intense cravings for inorganic, nonfood items. These items include mud, clay, chalk, laundry detergents or starch, crayons, or even paint from walls.

This is an alarming situation as none of the above-mentioned substances are healthy for either the mum or baby. Also, pica points towards an underlying iron-deficiency anemia. And this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. As these cravings are often more intense.

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All These Cravings, But When to See Your Doctor?

Lays Barbeque or a scoop each of double fudge and salted caramel ice-cream? Maybe not a hard choice to make, then deciding when is the right time to see your doctor amidst all these cravings?

Pica, as we saw above, is a troublesome situation. And an early visit to your obs-gyn is what you need. Without even a second thought. But there are other red flags to keep an eye out for.

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A second helping of French fries, crisps, or a quick stop at your nearby McDonald’s is the easiest fix to those salty urges. But high levels of sodium and fast food can lead to Pregnancy-induced Hypertension (PIH). Which in the long term has dire consequences?

The same is the case with too many sugary foods. Which can put you at risk for Gestational Diabetes? In short, a balanced diet is favorable and needed for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy. So, when you feel that your unhealthy cravings are replacing your healthy meals, you may want to check in with your doctor.

To conclude our food talk, your question of, “Can you have cravings at 4 weeks pregnant?”, has been successfully addressed. And before asking for another helping of triple chocolate ganache with salsa, you may want to reconsider!


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