Pregnancy Symptoms Week 7 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 7

Welcome to pregnancy symptoms week 7! It’s the time your body starts telling you that you are pregnant. These are the early signs your body is giving you. Things begin with nausea, vomiting, and drooling and get bigger as time passes. These changes are annoying but these will make your body receptive to your baby. All this is to make the time inside your womb safe and peaceful.

Week 7 and your baby

This week your baby has reached the size of one inch (1000 times the size at conception). He is still very small and all his major organs are in the final stage of development. However, the distinctive feature of this month is the development of facial structures like mouth, tongue, nostrils, and eye lens.

Let’s evaluate the hot topic of “pregnancy symptoms week 7” along with all the tips to make this time comfortable for you and your baby.

Pregnancy symptoms week 7

You have a whole new life inside you who is growing and it will make a little noise. Pregnancy symptoms week 7 is when you start hearing this noise if you haven’t earlier. These are called the early symptoms of pregnancy and include:

Nausea and food repulsion

No matter how much foodie you maybe, once the pregnancy sets in, you develop repulsion from your food. Not just you are repulsive even the odor of these foods can cause nausea and vomiting. It can be your favorite food. Some pregnant women develop liking for strange food items and it can also happen to you.

You can remove all these foods from your diet to avoid the feeling of nausea but it can lead to unhealthy eating and it can be damaging. However, you shouldn’t worry and try to have as healthy a diet as it can be and the rest of the needs you can fill from vitamin pills.

Although this helps a lot it doesn’t give you the leverage to have an unhealthy diet. And if the symptoms don’t even respond to it you should visit your doctor.

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Increased salivation

Where you are worried about a lot of new stuff happening in your life with you being pregnant, spitting often is the last you want. It is annoying! The real reason for excessive salivation is not known but believed to be due to hormonal variation and heartburn.

You can save yourself from the trouble by avoiding the trigger items and chewing sugarless gum. The other thing you should do is to drink a lot of water to replenish the loss in the form of saliva.

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You should get familiar with the term pregnancy-induced heartburn. It occurs when you eat a stomach full of meals resulting in the burning sensation in your stomach. The reason behind this is also the hormonal change that has occurred because of the pregnancy.

To avoid it you should take less meal, however, you can increase the frequency to fulfill your energy requirements. You should avoid spicy and oily food as well.


You are finding yourself less energetic and less motivated as you enter week 7. It is fair when you are carrying the responsibilities of two persons. However, you should not enter the full lazy mode.

You can start with a little exercise and do stuff you enjoy. Your partner is the best person to help you by keeping you motivated and cut you some slack.

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Pelvic cramping

With the 7th week of pregnancy, you feel cramping in your pelvis because of the baby growing inside your womb. These cramps are mild and occur rarely. However, these grow stronger and more frequent towards the end of the third trimester.

Occasional spotting

It occurs very occasionally and is only the early pregnancy thing. Mostly it is rust-colored and a few drops in quantity and there is nothing to worry. In case of a larger amount, you should see your doctor.

Tender and swollen breasts

Do your breasts need a larger bra now? This happens because of the hormonal changes which cause the breast tissue to develop for future nutrition of the newborn. It also gets a bit tender.

Try to wear bigger or loose bras to avoid any trouble.

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Week 7 and baby’s development

Here are the changes that week 7 bring in your baby:

  • The brain is developing at a much faster rate. Neurons are developing and new connections are building among them.
  • Facial structures are formed during this month including the formation of nostrils, tongue, and lens.
  • The limbs of the baby grow further during the 7th week. However, these still look like a paddle as there are no fingers formed yet.
  • The major organs of the body like the heart, lungs, and intestines are taking their final structural forms. They may not be functionally developed even at the time of birth but they will almost be structurally complete after the end of this week.
  • An important structure form during this week is gonad.

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Week 7 and lifestyle modifications

Your body has started giving you the signs of pregnancy. It means that like the changes inside your body it is time to make changes in your lifestyle as well. Here are some lifestyle modifications that ensure the best health and development of the baby as well as the mother.

  • Make a healthy diet plan for yourself that includes a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk. It is difficult to stick to a diet when you are suffering from food repulsion and nausea so you can always skip the most irritant foods. But it is your job to provide a healthy diet to your baby at this stage of his life. You can also add to vitamins and minerals you are lacking in your diet as supplements.
  • You are lazy and worn out but staying active is important. Add light exercise in your life and strictly avoid heavy exercise. It will help you avoid heartburn and keeps the good blood flow to your baby.
  • It is the right time to visit a doctor and let them do some tests regarding the safety of your baby. You can also get your screening tests with the consultation of your doctor during the same visit.

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