Best Hair Oil For Babies – What Do Experts Agree On?


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best hair oil for babies

Raising a child is probably the most challenging task for a new parent. With this happiness comes a bundle of responsibilities that you must fulfill very carefully. We know you don’t want to compromise on anything. When it comes to hair, you surely want the best hair oil for babies. After leaving the care of the womb your little baby has to adapt to the new environment. But the question is

  • Is your newborn strong enough to bear the harsh conditions of a changing environment?
  • Does he/she need any assistance?

Having the best hair oil for babies gives the parent peace and satisfaction because it will keep them free from all kinds of rashes and infections. This article is going to summarize the factors you need to have in mind before selecting a hair oil for your little angels.

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What to consider before picking the best hair oil for babies?

The most important questions that come in your mind before you select a hair oil product for your infant’s hair care are;

  • Does the product I’m going to pick contain any ingredients that could harm my baby’s skin?
  • Do I know of any skin reactions my baby has shown towards other skin/hair products?

Let us tell you that every newly born baby has a different and very unique scalp type. There are some general facts every parent should keep in mind.

Ingredients of the best hair oil for babies

When a baby has to leave the natural protection and care of the mother’s womb, the environment outside must be organic enough to supplement the same care and nourishment. Organic hair oil contains Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, and Argan oil.

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Testing the hair oil for allergy

We don’t know which ingredient in a hair oil is not going to be tolerated by our baby’s fragile body so before buying a product and using it on a newborn’s scalp it is wise to check the hair oil for allergy. You can apply a small amount of oil on an infant’s elbow and observe it for 24 hours to see if the baby has any irritation or itching. If your baby is smiling the next day, congratulations!!! You are good to go with that product.

Benefits of Organic Ingredients

The closer you keep yourself to nature, the lesser are the chances that your body shows allergic reactions. This specifically holds for babies. Their young and gentle bodies do not go well with unnatural things. You may be thinking about how a hair oil can be so good for babies? You need not overthink. We understand and we are here to solve problems for you. Following is the checklist of outcomes you should keep an eye on when using the best hair oil for babies.

  • It protects the soft and delicate skin of newborns from getting infected
  • It can boost the healing process of any sores your baby has acquired
  • It can enhance the hair growth of your young ones
  • It can help moisturize the dry scalps of infants

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What is Cradle Cap and how the best hair for babies can help?

You may be thinking why talking about hair oil for babies is so important? Why are we stressing on it so much? Let us tell you that the baby’s scalp and skin, in general, is very different from ours. If one day you find rough-looking yellow or red-colored dried patches of skin on your baby’s scalp and you think if it is normal or not, then make it clear that it is not.

This is a cradle cap (also called Seborrheic Dermatitis) that is happening to your baby because his/her scalp was not moisturized properly. The best hair oil for babies can help remove these dry scales of skin from your baby’s scalp in a very painless way.

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How to apply hair oils on the baby’s scalp?

If you are a new parent you need to know that unlike our bodies, infants have fragile ones. Their bones are soft and flexible and your hands must be gentle to them. Start by putting some oil in your palm and gently massage the baby’s scalp till the oil reaches the roots. You need to be careful while massaging so that you may not over press the soft heads.


Even when you are using the best hair oil for babies you need to keep some don’ts in your mind. We know that you love your young ones and you want the best for them but you should be modest in your care. When you are applying the best hair oil for babies keep the following things in mind

  • Don’t over apply the oil, it can irritate the child’s eyes. Seeing your baby in discomfort is the last thing you want to see.
  • Don’t apply the hair oil immediately after a warm bath, it can affect your child’s skin.

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After becoming a parent you need to be careful while selecting almost everything for your young ones. The best hair oil for babies should make their way through the initial part of their journey easy and comfortable and we understand that its hectic to choose the best product for your baby but we are always here to help.

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