Meals After Delivery – What Foods To Eat After Childbirth?


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meals after delivery

Childbirth is a process of enormous significance in human lives, and with it comes massive physical and emotional changes. “What meals should I take after my delivery?” is the question that pops up in the mind of new mothers. And this question is valid since you just went through a very painful and draining process.

After labor, the body is physically very weak from all the strain. Since food acts as fuel to our body. It is necessary to take proper nutrition to ensure a speedy recovery. It is important for the mother to be healthy for the child to be healthy as well. The diet of the mother affects the feed of the baby.

But before we suggest a list of certain foods that will help you recover faster, here are some things to look for when choosing between meals.

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Looking for the right nutrients

When choosing the meals after the delivery of your child, It is essential to choose the right nutrients for your body. There is not a universal meal plan for everyone, each and everyone one of us has different requirements. Everything in the right proportion will help ensure a safe and quick recovery. Nutrients will vary depending on the type of delivery you experienced.

Now, among the two types of deliveries. Natural and C-Section, C-Section takes a greater toll on the body and thus the recovery time and care are greater. Since C-Section is a surgical procedure involving at least some kind of anesthesia, meals after that delivery usually start off with some fluids that provide plenty of energy and that are light on the gut.

Whereas natural delivery is much more forgiving in terms of food consumption. Soon you can resume eating normally. Meals after this delivery should be rich in carbohydrates and fats to aid lactation. It is also recommended to take meals that are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Hydration in either of the two types of deliveries is essential.

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Some healthy food options for new mothers

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats all in the right proportion are very important. When choosing a meal, in this case, “meals after delivery”, it is important to know that carbohydrates are essential for short term energy. Fats provide a more stable release of energy.

Meals don’t have to be unpleasant to taste necessary, these are just some food items, that you could make into meals of your liking according to your own taste. Following are some healthy options that will speed up your recovery:


For Natural Delivery


Quinoa is high in carbohydrates, It is also a very good protein and fiber source, other than that quinoa is also rich in many minerals. It does not contain any gluten, it also serves as a very good alternative for people who cannot eat wheat.


Oats like quinoa, are also high in carbohydrates, fibers, and proteins. They can be consumed with milk and fruits, and are very filling, and beneficial. They can also lower blood sugar levels especially people with type 2 diabetes.

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Chicken breast

Chicken breast is a good source of protein, which also plays a vital role in the recovery. It also contains vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B6, and niacin.

Brown rice

Brown rice is a food rich in carbohydrates and fiber. It helps to lower cholesterol and prevents the formation of blood clots. It is also a great option, mixing it up with a chicken breast, not only it would taste good it would add some serious health benefits.

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Spinach is one of those meals that you must include in your daily diet anyway, It is packed with vitamins. It contains vitamins A, C, and K. Besides that it also contains magnesium, manganese, and iron.


Nuts are rich in protein and fiber, they provide many health benefits including lower cholesterol levels and they may lower inflammation. And they also contain many micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins.


Fruits are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fibers. They also contain vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium. This helps in the physical development of the child as well as helps the mother get stronger. They are very essential in the recovery process.

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For C-Section

Consuming hard food is not recommended, use of soft food is suggested by the doctor at least for the first week. Some options for soft food include:

Shakes, Smoothies, and Juices

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Shakes, smoothies, and juices are also very high in fiber. Which prevents constipation which is common after labor. Essential minerals and vitamins are also present.

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Steamed vegetables

Vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, red beans, and artichokes, etc. are very beneficial, they soften up pretty quickly and they are rich sources of fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins. They could be eaten with steamed brown rice as well.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is full of protein, It helps the immune system as well as helps the digestion process. Adding ginger to the mix helps the recovery as it contains healing properties, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.


If you are a pescatarian, Fish is a very good option if you consume it moderately. High consumption is not recommended due to traces of mercury found in fish. Fish is very rich in protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also contains multiple minerals and vitamins.

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Cakes and bread

Cakes and bread are easy to consume as they are soft, though it may not seem like it, they actually do help in some cases. When patients are unable to eat the required amount of food that they should eat, the sugar in cakes and breads helps them gather some instant energy. Besides, who doesn’t like baked goods?

However, this article is a preliminary guide to healthy healing after the delivery of the baby. The options are not limited to the ones mentioned above, the sky is the limit. Feel free to add or omit anything according to your preference.

These were just some of our suggestions on what sort of meals you could have after the delivery of your child. As the saying goes “You are what you eat” good food is good self-care, and remember this is the beginning of a beautiful journey.




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