Mushrooms While Pregnant – Are They Safe to Eat?


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mushrooms while pregnant

‘Mushrooms while pregnant’ is a thought that often passes the minds of people who are expecting. It’s important to know what foods are healthy for you and what not; such as mushrooms while pregnant.

Even though mushrooms have low calories and almost no cholesterol or fat, they grow in soil or on top of plants, making them not safe for consumption without being properly cooked. Here are some facts that can help you out if you want to know whether mushrooms while pregnant are beneficial.

Harmful mushrooms while pregnant

Following is a list of mushrooms that you shouldn’t take while pregnant.

Raw mushrooms

Raw mushrooms contain carcinogens, which means that they can cause cancer in the mother and the fetus. Hence, raw mushrooms while pregnant can be very dangerous for mothers and should be avoided. Always cook the mushrooms before consumption.

Inedible mushrooms

Most of the mushrooms are inedible, which means that they should not be eaten. They can be poisonous in nature and can bring harm to mothers and their babies. Hence avoid unknown mushrooms while pregnant.

Magic mushrooms

These are the mushrooms that contain a chemical called psilocybin that alters brain chemical activity. They can gravely affect the mother and the fetus. Hence avoid magic mushrooms while pregnant.

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Beneficial mushrooms while pregnant

Following are some beneficial mushrooms that are safe to take during pregnancy:

  • White button mushrooms
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Maitake mushrooms
  • Porcini mushrooms
  • Chestnut mushrooms

Processed/Frozen mushrooms

These mushrooms are safe to take as long as they are under the expiry date.

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Benefits of consuming mushrooms while pregnant

Taking the right, well-cooked mushrooms can be very healthy for you and your developing baby. Following is a list of minerals and nutrients that mushrooms have, that can be beneficial for your health:

Vitamin B

Mushrooms have a great amount of Vitamin B in them, that improves skin, digestion, and the nervous system. Moreover, they can help the body take energy from the food we consume.

The Vitamin B components in mushrooms contain Riboflavin, which helps the bones and muscles of your baby to strengthen up.

It also reduces the Fatigue that often happens during pregnancy.

Pantothenic acid in Shiitake mushrooms can help prevent digestive disorders.

Thiamine and Niacin in mushrooms strengthen the nervous system.

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Vitamin D

They are rich in Vitamin D, making mushrooms while pregnant a good source of nutrition.

It aids the absorption of calcium and promotes strong bones and teeth in your growing baby. 1 cup of Shiitake mushrooms contains 12.9 units of Vitamin D, which is rare in other foods.

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Iron is the main component of hemoglobin of blood, and mushrooms are rich in iron. During pregnancy, women should consume foods that are rich in iron.

1 cup of morel mushroom has 8 milligrams of iron, so you can prevent anemia while taking healthy mushrooms.

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Protein and Fiber

Protein is overall essential for your body. Fiber helps ease the digestive system. Mushrooms are rich in both these sources, making them even beneficial for you and your baby.


Antioxidants like selenium and ergothioneine protect your body from free radicals, thus boosting your immune system, protecting you from illnesses. It also helps in the growth of your baby.

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You’re good to go!

Now that you know the mushrooms which are healthy and the ones who are harmful, you can improve your diet.

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