Why Am I Craving Pickles in Pregnancy? – Is It Safe To Eat?


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why am i craving pickles

As you grab the fourth bottle of pickles from Walmart, you may be wondering, “Why am I craving pickles?” “Is it me or do other women also experience these tangy cravings?” “Do pickles go well with peanut butter or whipped cream?”.

Well, grab a jar of pickles with some barbecue Lays as we go full pickle mode in this article!

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Pickle Passion!

Pickle with curry and flatbread, deep-fried pickles, pastrami roll-ups with pickles and cream cheese, or just pickles topped on your favorite pizza or stuffed inside that juicy chicken burger. Pickles, inevitably, can go with anything. You name it, you got it!

No doubt it becomes a quintessential craving in pregnant women. You may munch in dill pickles with salted crisps and sour cream every time you rummage through those kitchen cabinets.

Which makes you wonder, “Why am I craving pickles?” Let’s sort this out for you.

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Cravings and Pregnancy- What’s the Link?

There may be times, several times in pregnancy, when you feel like devouring every edible item in your kitchen! And these urges can pop up anytime. So, it may be 4 am in the morning. And your tummy will be leading you back to the fridge!

So, what are these cravings? Cravings are the sudden desire or urge you have to eat a certain food item. And are these normal? Absolutely!

Pregnancy gets you craving for all sorts of things. You may desire a snack you normally would never tale. Or even make you hate your most favorite ice cream flavor!

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Expecting a baby or cravings?

With all these trips to the kitchen, you may be thinking, “Why am I craving pickles?” The changing hormone levels in pregnancy may explain this.

During pregnancy, your sense of smell and taste are heightened. As your hormone levels fluctuate. That means, your senses become sharper. Hence you are quicker to appreciate the smell of anything nearby. Which causes these cravings to appear.

This may also cause you to develop food aversions. And even nausea and vomiting. Known infamously as morning sickness. This is the body’s way of protecting the mummy to bee from any harmful food.

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Running Low on Nutrients?

Cravings can also be taken as a ‘stress signal’. A way of your body making you summon foods containing nutrients that you are deficient in.

So, when you feel like having Nutella dipped strawberries or chocolate-coated cookies. It is actually your body asking you to store up on magnesium.

The same is the case with wanting those lamb kebabs. Craving red meat signals an underlying iron deficiency.

‘’Why am I craving pickles?”. That is cause pickles, along with olives, the snack pack of plain salted pringles, or the Ritz cheese crackers may be a way of telling you. You are low on sodium. Hence these salt cravings.

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Nutritional Content of Pickles

“Why am I craving pickles?”. You asked yourself as you reached out for your fourth helping of dill pickles of the day. So, is it okay to eat pickles?

Pickles may not be the healthiest snack. Their nutritional value is comparatively low. They have very low levels of cholesterol, protein, and fat. However, they are a good source of sodium and iron. They may also provide some, but not that much, calcium, as well as Vitamin C and fiber.

Different types of pickles have different levels of nutrients. Based on their ingredients. So, a quick check at the label mentioning nutritional facts may help.

Pickles themselves aren’t that nutritious. But coupled with another meal such as some flatbread or chicken tikka masala curry. They increase the probiotic content of the meal as a whole.

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Health Benefits of Picking Pickles in Pregnancy

Pickles when consumed in small amounts may actually provide some health benefits.

Electrolyte Balance

As we saw above, the salty taste that makes you crave pickles is because of the sodium content in pickles. They also contain potassium. Hence, they can help regulate the electrolyte levels in your body. This is very important in pregnancy.

As any derangement in the levels of salts in your body can be harmful to both you and your baby.

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Tackling Your Tummy?

That jar of dill pickles you reach every time you order a beef burger. It doesn’t only serve the purpose of satisfying your taste buds.

Pickles don’t spoil owing to the good bacteria present in them. Which when consumed, can cause these good bacteria to multiply in your tummy. And hence aid in the digestion.

Immune Boosters-The Pickle Edition?

Pickled fruits and vegetables aren’t cooked. Hence the antioxidants in them are preserved. Which may strengthen your immune system by fighting against bad free radicals.

Pickles are also a rich source of vitamins C, A, and K. As well as contain minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium. These essential nutrients may boost immune responses. And help you from falling sick in pregnancy.

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Pickle Problems?

Why am I craving pickles? That is because pickles are, no doubt, a convenient and tasty go-to snack. Sure, you may be craving pickles with peanut butter and salami sandwiches. Or may want to casually drop in some pickles on your chilidog pizza. Or incorporate them in your chipotle or cheeseburgers.

But too many pickles can actually be harmful. And for a lot of reasons too!

Well first and foremost, too many pickles mean too much added salt. This in turn puts you at risk for developing gestational hypertension. It can also lead to dehydration.

Too many spices in the pickles can cause heartburn and acid reflux. Especially if you already have trouble with gastritis. And other tummy issues.

Also, pickles that use oils as preservatives means too much cholesterol. And this means, further risk of pregnancy-related complications.

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Pickles or No Pickles?

Whether it is peanut butter and pickle sandwiches with barbecue and mustard sauce. Or pickle with potato and tuna salad.  Or maybe just a delectable dill pickle dip to accompany those crackers and tortillas!

You may want to give in to those cravings. But, in moderation. You will have plenty of time to catch up with those pickles later!

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