School Lunch Ideas For Picky Eaters – Fun Food Recipes For Children


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school lunch ideas for picky eaters

Difficulties with a picky eater

You want your kid to stay healthy which requires nutritious eating from the newborn stage right up to school going stage. You can be strict about it or use as many temptations as you want. However, the truth is no child enjoys a lunch box full of vegetables and fruits. This gets even harder when your kid is a picky eater as it leaves you with only a limited number of choices. So anything else you put inside his lunch box will come home untouched. You need to think out of the box for school lunch ideas for picky eaters and that’s where we come.

Being creative is the key

The goal here is to put something nutritious inside the belly of your kid. If you can’t force it then make it irresistible with taste and creativity. For that, you need to mix some nutritious stuff like beans and other vegetables with the food your child loves to eat.

So if your child likes chicken, you can make sandwiches or platters with vegetables inside it along with the chicken. Similarly, pizza pasta salad, mini quiches, and tomato vegetable soup can help you with a nutritious diet of your child.

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Creative school lunch ideas for picky eaters

It is worrying about being a mother when your kid brings the lunch box home untouched. However, with our irresistible school lunch ideas for picky eaters, you will no longer be worried. Let’s dive straight into it:

Pizza pasta salad

It is an excellent way to mix fresh vegetables with protein, cheese, and turkey pepperoni. Another benefit of the dish is that you can make it beforehand for your busy routine. It contains a high nutritional value and you can put all the vegetables your kid can eat.

Black bean quesadillas

Quesadillas give an extraordinary opportunity to add a ton of fiber and nutrition into your child’s school lunch box. Luckily you can replace the black beans with white or refried ones depending on what your child can swallow happily.

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Grilled cheese dippers

No one likes raw tomato but tomato ketchup, no one will leave it. It is just a creative way to make sure your child is getting some tomato. Another even healthier way is tomato soup. You can pre-made plenty of it and use it in dinner as well besides in the school lunch box.

Peanut butter apple sandwich

If peanut butter is the favorite lunch of your kid you can easily slip some healthy apples and raisins. It adds to the taste and keeps your child healthy.

Chicken nugget sandwich

For your chicken lover kid, this is the best way to make sure he or she finishes the school lunch. You can add tomato, lettuce, and other vegetables along with mayo sauce to increase the nutrition value.

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soups are flexible as you can put a lot of vegetables in them and still keep the taste. You can make it at home with ease and keep your child healthy.

Taco wraps

Taco wraps are a quick and easy way to turn the leftover healthy stuff from your fridge into a tasty dish for the school lunch box. These can be loaded with fresh vegetables to make your child healthy.

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Mac and cheese

For modern food mac and cheese is a healthy option to put inside your child’s school lunch box.

Mini pizza

One thing that your picky eater child will never refuse is pizza. If you can’t cut pizza out of his diet then make it healthier using vegetables. You can make these mini pizzas at your home and enrich the nutrition value with fresh vegetables and be the favorite of your child. Win! Win!

Meatball taquitos

It is a healthy snack that requires little effort. Meatball taquitos, when served with ketchup, is irresistible for your child. Add a ton of vegetables to make sure that your child is eating a healthy diet.

Macaroni cheese soup

Macaroni cheese soup is a healthy idea for the school lunch box. You can have the lavish to add some vegetables as well and it will still taste good.

Pepperoni buns with cheese

For the mothers who want to be the favorite of their kid yet keeping the healthy part in their diet pepperoni bun is the way to do it. These are extremely tasteful and healthy at the same time. I bet you will receive empty school lunch boxes every time.

Wagon wheel pasta

Your kid loves pasta and he or she can eat bowls of it then wagon wheel pasta is a great choice for the school lunch box. You can cook it quickly and the best part is you can add a lot of vegetables. In addition, you have pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese to increase the taste of the pasta.

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Ham and Swiss envelopes

It is an interesting dish with a surprise hidden inside. You can fill them with tasty ham and cheese and put some vegetables as well to go along. It gets healthier and healthier!

Chocolate chip and banana sandwich

Your child is a picky eater and always returns the school lunch box untouched. You are concerned about his or her healthy. Luckily, he or she loves chocolate chips. This is your time to shine. You can earn his or her love by offering what he or she loves and it will boost the health at the same time.

Chocolate chip and banana sandwich is an amazing way to combine tasty peanut butter and chocolate with healthy fruits like banana. Your child will love his or her school lunch from now on.

Now you know the trick to smartly mix the taste and health and get that inside the belly of your kid. He or she will be going to enjoy the school lunch box and you will not have to worry about his or her health anymore!

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